Fraud Update: Competition Bureau Kicks Off Fraud Prevention Month

The Competition Bureau announced earlier today that it was kicking off Fraud Prevention Month with a series of panel discussions on fraud prevention across Canada that will assemble experts from law enforcement agencies, academics and business and consumer groups.

In making the announcement, the Bureau said:

“The Competition Bureau is organizing a series of panel discussions on fraud prevention across Canada that will bring together experts from law enforcement agencies, academia, as well as businesses and consumer groups. The focus of these discussions will be on practical strategies for fighting fraud and raising awareness so that Canadians can protect themselves in the marketplace, particularly in the online and mobile environments. These events will take place at the University of Ottawa on March 6, at the University of Alberta in Edmonton on March 8, and at Concordia University in Montreal on March 13.

Fraud is a crime that affects individuals, businesses and the economy as a whole. ‘It’s a matter of confidence,’ said Melanie Aitken, Commissioner of Competition. ‘Consumers need to know enough to make informed purchasing choices, based on advertising that is truthful and complete.’

The Competition Bureau, along with the Fraud Prevention Forum, plays an important role in helping Canadians get the information they need to be informed and confident consumers. Consumers also have a role to play in stopping fraud by arming themselves with the facts and reporting fraud when they encounter it.

The Fraud Prevention Forum, chaired by the Competition Bureau, is comprised of more than 125 private sector firms, consumer and volunteer groups, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations that have come together to help combat fraud and raise awareness. During Fraud Prevention Month, Forum members will participate in a number of targeted activities across the country, designed to raise awareness among consumers and businesses about the dangers of fraud.”

Recent fraud related cases that the Bureau has been involved in include bid-rigging (see: here and here), price-fixing (see: here, here, here, here, here and here), market division (see: here), deceptive telemarketing (see: here and here) and deceptive marketing cases (see: here and here).


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