QR code or “quick scan response code”.

Canada Business Network blog: “As mobile technology develops and smartphone ownership increases, your customers may want to access your business through QR codes. By using a camera on their cell phone to scan quick response (QR) codes, potential customers can reach your website immediately for more product information or a special offer linked directly to the code. But why not also target your mobile-equipped audience to measure the success of specific marketing campaigns?  QR codes are black modules of pixels arranged in a square pattern on a white background that can ease the offline-to-online consumer experience. These specific matrix codes hold up to 7,089 characters compared to the 20-digit capacity of a typical bar code, so you can embed more information.  Analytics tools show your codes’ performance, allowing you to use the data for future decisions. (…)  Let QR codes build business by placing them: in print ads to drive customers to your website where they can enter a contest, claim a coupon or access exclusive content; on packaging to link directly to product reviews or detailed information that can help drive the purchasing decision; on your storefront to entice savvy customers in for a freebie; on your business card to link to a promo video about your work or your latest blog post.”



I help clients practically navigate Canada’s advertising and marketing laws and offer Canadian advertising law services in relation to print, online, new media, social media and e-mail marketing.

My Canadian advertising law services include advice in relation to: anti-spam legislation (CASL); Competition Bureau complaints; the general misleading advertising provisions of the Competition Act; Internet, new media and social media advertising and marketing; promotional contests (sweepstakes); and sales and promotions. I also provide advice relating to specific types of advertising issues, including performance claims, testimonials, disclaimers and native advertising.

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