Internet & New Media

Internet and new media advertising can pose particular challenges for advertisers. Potential hurdles include increased enforcement in the Internet and new media areas, adequate disclosures for new media based promotions, new advertising rules that apply specifically to e-mail, the web and new media (e.g., Canadian anti-spam law), enforcement agencies’ Internet and new media enforcement guidelines and platform-specific social media site rules.

I have broad experience providing advertising law advice to companies, agencies and individuals using the Internet, new media and social media in their promotions.

My services include advice in relation to: the general misleading advertising provisions of the Competition Act; best practices for advertising and marketing online; Competition Bureau enforcement policies for online and new media marketing; new Competition Act provisions following the introduction of CASL (anti-spam law); preparing and assisting clients operate online contests and promotions; and advice to minimize risk relating to specific Internet related issues (e.g., online disclaimers, terms of use, the use of sub-pages, social media sites’ terms of use, hyperlinks and disclosures on new media and mobile).

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