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Upcoming Antitrust Events: Advanced Antitrust U.S. Chicago 2013, 7 November 2013, Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

IBC Legal Conferences is holding an upcoming antitrust conference in Chicago in November.  From IBC: “This must-attend conference on U.S. antitrust in Chicago will include the following essential topics and much more besides: Regulatory Climate Outlook: Enforcement Priorities, Recent Case Law and Economic Implications Market Conduct, Dominance and Monopolization: Enforcement Trends and Cases Merger Control and Remedies: Strategies to Get Your Deal Through Cartel Investigations and Related Litigation Restrictive Distribution Practices by a Supplier to Resellers: US and International Antitrust and Intellectual Property Antitrust and Intellectual Property Learn more, see the agenda and register with a 10% discount today at You can also register by calling +44 (0)20 7017 7702 or emailing, quoting VIP code FKW82425SSB to claim your 10% discount.“ __________________ For more information about our regulatory services: contact For more regulatory law updates follow us on Twitter: @CanadaAttorney

Webinar: Key Canadian Advertising and Competition Law Compliance Strategies

I am pleased to be a panelist for an upcoming Canadian/U.S. advertising law webinar hosted by Strafford on January 8, 2013: Key Canadian Advertising and Competition Law Compliance Strategies. Description The Canadian Competition Act contains civil and criminal prohibitions on misleading representations and regulates specific types of advertising and marketing practices.  Violations can lead to “administrative monetary penalties” of up to $10 million and court orders to cease conduct and compensate consumers (restitution). The Competition Bureau has ramped up enforcement efforts.  Recent Bureau and private litigation challenges include price and performance claims, use of disclaimers and the application and scope of the “general impression test”.  Developments include increased sectoral regulation and federal anti-spam legislation. To effectively minimize legal risk, marketers and advertisers in Canada need to know the basic rules that apply to price and performance claims, sales and other promotions (including contests), disclaimers, electronic marketing and the enforcement agencies’ … read more »

Advertising Events: Advertising Standards Canada (ASC): The Truth About Privacy: Canada and Beyond – November (Toronto & Montreal)

Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) will be hosting two upcoming seminars on privacy in Toronto and Montreal entitled “The Truth About Privacy: Canada and Beyond”.  According to the ASC, the seminars are based on a recent McCann study on how Canadian and worldwide consumers think about privacy. From the ASC: “In a transparent world where virtually all aspects of our lives have become digitized, the question of personal privacy keeps arising. What do consumers really think about privacy? To find out, McCann Truth Central asked over 6,000 people worldwide what privacy means to them. With ASC’s support, McCann has now extended its research to include 1,000 Canadians.  In this ground-breaking study, McCann probed many areas, including: where do people draw the line between public and private information?; when do consumers feel their privacy has been violated?; what motivates consumers to share their data?; how do Canadian perceptions of privacy stack up … read more »

Advertising Law Events: ASC The ABC’s of Food Advertising Regulations

Advertising Standards Canada will be holding two upcoming workshops on the basics of Canadian food related advertising regulations in Montreal (September 19th) and Toronto (September 25th). These two hour workshops will address common questions relating to Canadian food advertising related regulations, including how to compare foods, “common names”, how to claim that products are “fresh” / “natural” or “healthy”, nutrient content claims and health claims. For more information see: The ABC’s of Food Advertising Regulations. ____________________ For more information about our regulatory law services: Contact For more regulatory law updates follow us on Twitter: @CanadaAttorney

Conferences: CCCE Publishes Updated Canada In the Pacific Century Conference Agenda: Ottawa – September 24-25, 2012

From the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE): “On September 24-25, 2012, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives will host “Canada in the Pacific Century”, a conference bringing together leaders from business, government, academia, and other key groups to discuss Asia’s rise and the implications for Canada.” For the updated Agenda see: Canada In the Pacific Century: Draft Agenda

Advertising: Conferences: “Digital Day Conference 2012: The New Digital Path to Purchase”

“Emerging technologies, new platforms and evolving digital tools are changing the way audiences consume media, connect with brands and ultimately make purchase decisions. With the rise of smartphones, tablets and social media, today’s empowered consumers are seeking out information, interacting with brands and sharing their experiences.

The old path-to-purchase model worked well with traditional media and brick-and-mortar stores: it was linear and predictable, starting with an ad and ending with an in-store purchase. But today’s digital path-to-purchase is non-linear and dynamic, with multiple touch points and interactions: consumers are doing everything from downloading product reviews while they’re shopping, to holding up their smartphones on a street to see where the best restaurants are. It’s a seismic shift that is reshaping the marketing and media landscape. The 2012 Digital Day Conference, presented by Marketing magazine and the Canadian Marketing Association, will explore how best to navigate this fast-changing world and reach audiences … read more »