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Fake Online Endorsements Remain Competition Bureau Priority, Topic of Upcoming Twitter Chat March 9th

Misleading advertising remains a top Competition Bureau (Bureau) enforcement priority. One of the more specific focuses for the Bureau is (and has been over the past several years) fake online endorsements, which is often referred to as “astroturfing”. In this regard, the Bureau announced earlier … Read the rest of this entry »

Competition Compliance Programs Continue a Competition Bureau Priority

Practical Law Canada – Competition has published a new Legal Update discussing recent Competition Bureau compliance program developments. Below is an excerpt with a link to the full Update. Featured Update Practical Law Canada Competition This Featured Update discusses recent Competition Bureau developments related to … Read the rest of this entry »

Competition Bureau Highlights Priorities, Compliance Guidelines in New Advertising Publication

The Canadian Competition Bureau has been increasing its advocacy, outreach and compliance efforts since the (relatively) new Commissioner of Competition (John Pecman) took office. As part of this effort, it appears to be focusing on introducing more new media (and also an increasing range) of … Read the rest of this entry »

Water Heater Supplier Scalded With $7 Million Advertising Law Settlement, Tough Compliance Terms (and Monitor)

Misleading advertising is squarely part of Canadian competition law. Violation of the Competition Act’s civil or criminal misleading advertising provisions can also lead to significant liability for companies or individuals. As a recent reminder of this, the Competition Bureau has announced that water heater supplier … Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Competition Law?: A Few Interesting, Frequent and Important Competition & Advertising Law Questions – Part II

Several days ago I posted the first of a series of short notes discussing some of the more interesting, frequent and important competition and advertising law questions I’ve received over the past few years (for the first post see: here). Today I thought I would … Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Competition Law?: A Few Interesting, Frequent and Important Competition & Advertising Law Questions – Part I

I’ve been blogging on competition and advertising law topics for quite a few years now – about six or seven years or so by my count – and written on a number of topics (some 1,000+ posts now as hard as that seems to me … Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian Competition Law Compliance: A Primer

“Every business and individual has a duty to act lawfully. The Bureau operates on the assumption that all businesses and their senior management wish to comply with the law. Compliance is important for all businesses, regardless of their size, for both legal and practical reasons. … Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Jail You: Canadian Sentenced to 18 Months in Misleading Advertising, Telemarketing Case

Earlier today, the Competition Bureau announced that a Canadian telemarketer has been sentenced, following a guilty plea, to an 18 month prison sentence in a misleading advertising and deceptive telemarketing case.  According to the Bureau, the telemarketer was engaged in deceptive marketing of online business … Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian Commissioner of Competition Talks Compliance Programs

Canada’s (relatively new now) Commissioner is on the road at the moment, having delivered remarks yesterday in India.  In a short but focused speech in Kashipur India, the Commissioner focused quite a bit on the history of Canadian competition law, the importance of competition to … Read the rest of this entry »

New Competition Bureau Inquiries Bulletin & New Commissioner Remarks

Earlier today the Competition Bureau published for public consultation a new draft Inquiries Bulletin.  Canada’s new Commissioner of Competition, John Pecman, also outlined some of the Bureau’s priorities and made new announcements in remarks delivered at the annual CBA Fall Competition Law Conference in Ottawa. … Read the rest of this entry »